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Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan – The Festival of Chaste Love

Celebrated in the month of Shravan on a full moon day by the Indian populace across the globe, Rakshabandhan is an acknowledgement to the unflinching support and immense strength sisters receive from their beloved brothers. It is a day when a brother and sister pray for each others’ health, wealth and happiness. The Rakhi festival in its own beautiful and unique way also helps rub off minor dissensions in the weld formed in the heat of emotions joining two people, the brother - ‘bhai’ as he is called in Hindi, and his sister - ‘behna’ as she is called in Hindi.

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Rakshabandhan is not just a festival about the unblemished relationship between a brother and sister but also one that speaks volumes of the rich Indian tradition through the boundless love that reverberates in this country despite a zillion differences.


Rakshabandhan – The Symbol of Chaste Love

A Rakhi, meaning ‘the bond of love’, is also a symbol of the profound love sisters have for their brothers. It is also manifestation of the countless blessings a sister showers selflessly on her brother. On this auspicious Rakshabandhan day, sisters tie the holy thread, Rakhi, on the wrist of their brothers and reinforce their faith in the basic philosophy behind Rakshabandhan – protect the weak from all that is evil. The brothers on their part take unsaid yet strong vows to protect their sisters through their thick and thin and pamper them with lots of Rakhi gifts. They also traditionally feed each other sweets, don graceful attires and spend the day in merriment.

Rakshabandhan and Society

Rakshabandhan also underlines the need for a peaceful co–existence between people of different castes, creeds and religion. For when this holy string of love is tied on people other than relatives, a greater sense of unity, brotherhood and equality prevails in the society. Rakshabandhan also helps alleviate social pains caused from the wounds of religious outrages and can help bridge the humongous psychological and cultural gap due to border divides. So, in a way the Rakhi festival has more to say than just highlight sublime ties between brothers and their sisters.

Rakshabandhan – The Make

Rakhi is a beautifully crafted and embroidered sequin made ideally of gold, silk, studded with pearls and stones and tied to an auspicious red string on both diametrical ends. With endless varieties of Rakhis available in all ranges these days, people regardless of their financial limitations get an option of scouring, selecting and then going on to buy their choice.

Rakshabandhan – History and Myths

History and mythology books too have lots to say about this lovely Indian festival that fortifies the immortal love between a brother and his sister, Rakshabandhan. The fact that a small red string on the wrist of the mighty Indian King, Porus, stopped him from executing Alexander, The Great, can seem to unbelievable at first, but it is, as history suggests, true. Alexander’s wife tied this holy string, Rakhi, on Porus’s wrist and protected her husband from an imminent execution. Porus was compelled to guard the honor of the Rakhi and pardon his principal enemy.